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Our Story


     After many years of practicing law in the great State of Texas, Dave Eagle woke up one day and realized it was time for a change.  This realization was the beginning of Dave’s journey down a “road less traveled.”

     Dave’s passion for excellence regarding fine cheeses was brought home to him during his many trips to Europe where he witnessed the philosophy of “local food” in the local farmers markets of France, Switzerland and Germany.  In Europe, Dave experienced first-hand the many nuances of raw milk cheeses made exclusively in local settings under local conditions by local artisans.

     An avid cheese-lover with an affinity for these specialty cheeses from Europe, Dave began his journey into the world of making raw milk artisan cheese in Texas.   After all, since Texas is the ninth largest dairy state in the United States, why shouldn’t Texans be making fine artisan cheeses as found in Europe, and to some extent, as found in Vermont, California and Wisconsin?

     After attending artisan cheese school in Vermont, Dave returned to Texas to refine the process of fine cheese-making and to teach the art of artisan cheese-making to his son, Matt.

     Now, Dave Eagle, along with his son, Matt, offer you some of the finest hand-made cheeses found anywhere in the world.



Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese Co.
2665 W. HWY 377
Granbury, TX  76048